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Cybersecurity Consulting Firm

You face an intrusion ?

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Cybersecurity makes your business safe and durable

We are a French cybersecurity consulting company which operates mainly in French-speaking countries, but also worldwide.

Cybersecurity is a cost center for most companies. This is why, behind each service request, we try to understand the business needs of our customers, in order to answer it in the best possible way.

If you have any question regarding the security of a project or your whole business, feel free to contact us. We can advise you on the best strategy to adopt in order to reach your security objectives. 

Our Services

You need more information or you have a specific request

Security Assessment

We assess a specific scope or a global environment in accordance with your internal policies, a standard or the security Best Practices.

Penetration Tests

External or Internal – in black box, grey box or white box – We perform our tests in many different ways in function of your needs.

Active Directory assessment

We assess the security of your Active Directory infrastructure to find out all the common security flaws and misconfigurations affecting this technology.

PCI DSS Services

Gap Analysis
Assessment and Certification
SAQ completion
Vulnerability scans management
Security awareness training

Security Incident response

Our experts help you to handle a security breach by providing you with the technical knowledge and skills needed to handle the crisis and to perform forensic investigation.

CISO Assistance

Our assistance can be either for a specific matter, recurrent or permanent, depending on your needs.

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